Will Body Sculpting Treatment Give me a Six Pack?

Dr. Anam Tharoo | 11/30/2022

Find out how body sculpting with the BeautiFill laser can help you get the body of your dreams and reveal your six-pack abs.


What Areas on the Face Can Fat be Transferred to?

Dr. Anam Tharoo | 10/31/2022

If you're looking to plump skin, smooth wrinkles, and achieve facial symmetry, a fat transfer procedure may be a great alternative to dermal fillers.


Three Tips to Maintain Results After Fat Reduction Treatment

Dr. Anam Tharoo | 09/30/2022

Keep your slim new figure looking fabulous with these helpful tips for maintaining BeautiFill® results.


What Is Recovery Like After Laser Lipo and Fat Transfer?

Dr. Anam Tharoo | 08/25/2022

Find out what you can expect after laser liposuction plus fat transfer, and learn how the recovery compares to that of traditional lipo.


Can Body Sculpting Treatment Give me an Hourglass Figure?

Dr. Anam Tharoo | 07/17/2022

Fat transfer procedures like BeautiFill® can provide the stunning hourglass figure you want. See how our body sculpting process reduces excess fat.


Summer Skincare While Traveling

Melanie MacFarlane | 07/01/2022

How to combat the damaging effects of Chlorine, Sunburns, & Flying!


Two Treatments to Help Shave Away Lingering Body Fat

Dr. Anam Tharoo | 06/30/2022

Frustrated by stubborn fat that seems to linger despite your best efforts with diet and exercise? Consider these two exciting fat-blasting solutions.


Will a Facial Fat Transfer Change the Shape of My Face?

Dr. Anam Tharoo | 06/23/2022

Curious about how your look may change after a facial fat transfer? Find the answers to all of your BeautiFill® facial fat transfer questions here.


Achieve Fuller-Looking Breasts With Laser Lipo With Fat Transfer

Dr. Anam Tharoo | 04/30/2022

BeautiFill® laser lipo and fat transfer may be the more convenient, more natural, longer-lasting breast implant alternative you’ve been searching for!


What Areas on the Face Can Be Improved With Facial Fat Transfer?

Dr. Anam Tharoo | 03/22/2022

The BeautiFill® facial fat transfer system can correct wrinkles, Crow’s feet, and sunken cheeks.


How To Transition Your Skin From Winter to Spring in 3 Simple Steps.

Melanie MacFarlane | 03/04/2022

My three favorite products for ditching the dull this Spring.


Exercise Not Burning Fat Quick Enough? Try Body Sculpting

Dr. Anam Tharoo | 02/26/2022

Body sculpting is a unique procedure patients in Carrollton, TX can use when restoring their appearances.


Get Rid of Stubborn Bra and Back Fat With Fat Reduction Treatment

Dr. Anam Tharoo | 01/31/2022

Find out how BeautiFill® in Carrollton, TX can help reduce stubborn fat around your bra line.


What Happens if I Gain Weight After Laser Lipo and Fat Transfer?

Dr. Anam Tharoo | 12/23/2021

Laser lipo and fat grafting can reduce fat in some areas while providing fullness to others. Learn how to preserve your body sculpting results here.


I Have Hollow Cheeks. Can a Facial Fat Transfer Make Them Full Again?

Dr. Anam Tharoo | 11/30/2021

A facial fat transfer process through the BeautiFill® system can restore your face and correct hollow cheeks.


Sculpt Away Stubborn Areas of Body Fat With BeautiFill®

Dr. Anam Tharoo | 10/28/2021

Unwanted belly fat can make you feel self-conscious and embarrassed. Now stubborn fat removal is possible through our innovative BeautiFill treatment!


Will I Lose Weight With Fat Reduction Treatment?

Dr. Anam Tharoo | 09/24/2021

Excess body fat can make you feel self-conscious about your belly and other areas. See how fat reduction with BeautiFill works at our advanced clinic.


What Areas of the body can Laser Liposuction and Fat Transfer Be Used On?

Dr. Anam Tharoo | 08/30/2021

Laser liposuction and fat transfer remove fat and transfer it to flat, saggy areas to improve your contours and body proportions.


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