What Areas on the Face Can Fat be Transferred to?

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Whether you're dealing with a loss of volume or lines and wrinkles on the face, a fat transfer may be an excellent way to restore your youthful features. Also called facial fat grafting, this procedure uses your body's own fat from areas where you don't need it to help fill out facial features and smooth skin.

At MedSuite at Castle Hills in Carrollton, TX, board-certified physician Dr. Anam Tharoo uses state-of-the-art BeautiFill® technology to remove and purify fat from one area of the body before expertly injecting it into areas on the face suffering from volume loss and other signs of aging.

Keep reading to find out what you can achieve with a facial fat transfer.

How does a fat transfer work on the face?

Also called "fat grafting," a facial fat transfer begins with the removal of fat from an area of the body where you have extra subcutaneous (flabby) fat. This may be the abdomen, hips, flanks, thighs, upper back, arms, or buttocks. Once this fat is purified, Dr. Tharoo will choose ideally-shaped fat cells for reinjection to provide the most predictable and uniform results.

BeautiFill technology is an excellent alternative to facial fillers because it is a long-lasting option. For example, hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers may be reabsorbed by the body within months.

What areas on the face can fat be injected into?

The fat that is removed can be injected into many different areas of the face, depending on your ultimate goal. While some people in Lewisville, TX want to achieve symmetry or plump up lean areas of the face, others may be looking to restore a youthful look by smoothing out wrinkles.

During a facial fat transfer, your fat can be injected into:

  • Crow's feet

  • Frown, smile, and laugh lines

  • Cheeks

  • Places where scars appear

  • Upper and lower lips

  • The area beneath your eyes

  • Between the brows

During your initial consultation, Dr. Tharoo will listen to your aesthetic goals and develop a custom treatment plan to address the areas on your face where you'd like to see more volume.

What are the benefits of a facial fat transfer?

Facial fat grafting adds volume to your face and makes it appear fuller and lifted without surgery.

The benefits of a facial fat transfer can include:

  • A decrease in the visibility of lines and wrinkles

  • Filling in hollow areas on the face

  • A more youthful appearance

  • Restoring the contours of your face

  • Addressing sagging and drooping skin

  • Fuller cheeks and lips

  • Better facial symmetry

  • A lack of foreign substances injected into the face

  • The removal of unwanted fat pockets from elsewhere on the body (in order to harvest fat for the face)

  • Results that last up to five years

  • A virtually painless procedure that requires only a local anesthetic

Fat transfer is also a longer-lasting alternative to dermal fillers and can last years instead of months. The BeautiFill procedure can create a more natural look since it uses your body's own fat cells to plump your facial features.

Enhance your facial features with a fat transfer procedure in Carrollton, TX

Healthy patients near Lewisvelle, TX who are at a healthy and steady weight and are unlikely to gain or lose significant amounts of fat in the future are typically tideal candidates for facial fat transfer.

If you want to learn more about if this unique treatment is right for you, simply schedule a consultation with Dr. Anam Tharoo at MedSuite at Castle Hills in Carrollton, TX.

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