Will I Lose Weight With Fat Reduction Treatment?

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As our bodies change, it can be hard to maintain the same size and shape. Stubborn body fat is particularly difficult to get rid of, even with consistent diet and exercise. So, what do you do? Well, there are some noninvasive treatments that can help you reduce fat (as well as your waistline).

MedSuite at Castle Hills is excited to offer a revolutionary procedure called BeautiFill®, which is designed to melt away fat and leave you looking leaner than before. But before undergoing treatment, you may have some questions about the process.

So, is it possible to lose weight with BeautiFill? Not necessarily. But board-certified family medicine physician Dr. Anam Tharoo can review the advantages of BeautiFill when you come in for an assessment. Read the details below and learn whether this method of fat loss is right for you in Carrollton or Lewisville, TX.

What causes unwanted fat?

Unwanted body fat is often due to lifestyle factors, like overeating and lack of exercise, but can also be caused by things we can't control, such as genetics, hormone changes, and certain medical conditions. No matter what causes your stubborn fat, you don't have to feel stuck with your shape. If you're generally healthy and near your goal weight, Dr. Tharoo can use BeautiFill for fat reduction. We can contour your body and make you feel more confident again.

How does BeautiFill work?

BeautiFill uses laser energy to loosen and remove small fat pockets from problem areas, like the abdomen, flanks, buttocks, and thighs. This leaves you with a slimmer and smoother silhouette.

Because of the way body fat is harvested and preserved, BeautiFill also allows you to use fat to fill areas that could use some extra volume. Ask Dr. Tharoo or one of our team members about how BeautiFill can restore hollow areas as well as wrinkles, lines, and sagging skin in Carrollton or Lewisville, TX.

Here are some of the most well-known benefits of BeautiFill:

  • Fat reduction in problem areas for a more sculpted look

  • Uses natural, harvested fat to enhance jawline, cheeks, or lips

  • A minimally invasive procedure with no downtime

Will I lose weight with BeautiFill?

Patients considering BeautiFill should know that this procedure is not a substitute for weight loss. In fact, ideal candidates should already be at or near their goal weight and have maintained that weight for a year before treatment.

If we transfer the removed fat to another part of your body, you may not lose any weight with BeautiFill. However, you will notice a dramatic difference in your body contours and appearance. Oftentimes, the improvements made with BeautiFill are a great motivation for people who want to stick with a diet and fitness routine that results in additional weight loss.

During your initial consultation with MedSuite at Castle Hills, we can carefully evaluate your areas of concern and give you a realistic idea of what results to expect after fat loss treatment.

Successful fat loss with BeautiFill

With all this information, it's easy to see why BeautiFill is one of the best methods of fat reduction in Carrollton and Lewisville, TX. If you're ready for a positive change in your life and want to look more contoured, contact MedSuite at Castle Hills today. Dr. Anam Tharoo and our trained staff can provide you with a safe and effective approach through BeautiFill.

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