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What Is BeautiFill laser liposuction?

As you age, you will likely discover a progressive deterioration of facial volume or laxity in some areas of your body. This standard progression can cause you to look worn down and less youthful. To target your visual insecurities, Dr. Anam Tharoo at MedSuite at Castle Hills is pleased to perform an effective method called laser-assisted lipo and fat transfer using cutting-edge BeautiFill technology at our office in Carrollton, TX. This minimally invasive solution transfers laser energy under the skin to dependably extract undesired adipose tissue from regions, like the hips, upper thighs, and belly. The purified sample is then re-implanted into selected face or body regions to give you radiant, youthful-appearing volume. Using this aesthetic procedure, you can choose to enhance the cheeks, lips, around the eyes, or around the mouth. Additionally, we can use the tissue sample for body shaping by increasing plumpness in your breasts or buttocks. This advanced solution involves little recovery time, which makes it a great choice when compared to conventional fat grafting. 

What Are The Benefits Of BeautiFill?

A customized laser lipo and fat transfer using the next-generation BeautiFill system can produce amazing results with a number of benefits, including:

  • Removing unwanted fat from problem areas
  • Toning and slimming the body
  • Accentuating natural curves
  • Enhancing the buttocks, breasts, lips, and face
  • Restoring lost volume
  • Achieving a more youthful look
  • Providing a safer alternative to implants
  • Gentler than traditional liposuction
  • Recovery time is shorter
  • Results are natural-looking and long-lasting

am i a Candidate for BeautiFill?

The most ideal individuals for laser liposuction and fat grafting are typically those who:

  • Are at a good weight
  • Want to treat obvious thinning or sagging facial or body regions
  • Want a natural alternative to cosmetic injectable fillers
  • Would like to lessen fat in a certain region and add fullness in another

During your consultation, Dr. Tharoo will talk with you about your aesthetic concerns and aims to decide if this solution would be appropriate for you.

How a BeautiFill Treatment works

Laser lipo and fat transfer is a minimally invasive treatment carried out at our Carrollton, TX facility. To complete this treatment, we use a local numbing solution so you can stay relaxed the entire time. Once we clean the targeted site, Dr. Tharoo will begin by inserting a delicate laser wand to obtain a healthy tissue sample. Then the adipose tissue will be immediately purified with the same fat removal solution. After it has been readied, a member of our team will carefully place the fat into the selected areas of the body, like the lips, cheeks, breasts, or buttocks, to boost volume and provide a softened, rejuvenated result.

Beautifill laser liposuction faq

What's the difference between BeautiFill and other energy-assisted liposuction procedures?

The main variant between BeautiFill and other fat transfer procedures is the fat cell collecting process. The targeted system can collect a portion of viable fat cells and preserve them to be injected into the selected areas. When compared to other methods, BeautiFill can produce a high percentage of live fat cells and is known for its great, impressive outcomes.

Will I feel pain during a BeautiFill procedure?

Since laser lipo and fat transfer is carried out under localized anesthesia, many individuals experience almost no discomfort during their session at MedSuite at Castle Hills. You may experience a little pain, tenderness, and swelling after your treatment since the BeautiFill procedure is minimally invasive in nature.

Will I need to take time off work or my regular activities after laser liposuction?

Generally, that is up to you. You may sustain slight post-treatment redness or bruising, which can last a short period or longer, according to the scope and extent of the areas you had treated. Regardless, these mild symptoms will not prevent you from getting back to your daily activities within 24 hours should you desire to do so.

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Restore And Improve Your Look With BeautiFill

Whether you want to reduce the signs of aging or upgrade your features, laser liposuction and fat transfer with BeautiFill technology is an effective, easy choice. Dr. Tharoo's expertise and skill achieve the look you desire with less downtime and superior results. If you're ready to rejuvenate, restore, or enhance your looks, call the MedSuite at Castle Hills today, and let's talk about scheduling your BeautiFill laser liposuction procedure.

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