Revitalize Your Skin with the BioRePeel Revolution: Peel, Heal, and Reveal!

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Are you tired of feeling like you have to put your life on hold for weeks after a skin treatment? Ready to break free from dull, aging skin without the hassle of traditional peels? Look no further than the revolutionary BioRePeelCl3, an Italian-made 35% TCA peel that's changing the game in the world of skincare!

What is BioRePeelCl3?

BioRePeelCl3 is not your average peel; it's a skincare sensation. This innovative professional-grade peel is designed to give you remarkable results with zero to minimal skin shedding. Say goodbye to downtime and hello to radiant, youthful skin that's ready for any social plans you have in mind!

How Does BioRePeel Work?

This remarkable peel boasts a patented 2-phase technology that offers bio-stimulation, revitalization, and a peeling-like effect—all without the inconvenience of traditional peel downtime. Its rich composition is what sets BioRePeel apart from the rest. With its unique combination of active components, it effectively prevents skin aging, tackles UV damage, pigmentation, acne, and acne scarring.

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The Benefits of BioRePeel: 

  1. Immediate Results: You don't have to wait for weeks to see changes; BioRePeel delivers instant improvements. 
  2. Painless: Say goodbye to needles and discomfort; BioRePeel is virtually pain-free. 
  3. Exfoliating and Regenerating: It removes dead skin cells and stimulates new skin, revealing a fresh, healthy layer. 
  4. Scars and Marks Improvement: Ideal for addressing scars, pigmentation issues, and acne marks. 
  5. Moisturizing and Revitalizing: Oxygenates and leaves your skin moisturized, soft, refreshed, and clean. 
  6. Infusion of Vitamins and Antioxidants: No needles required; BioRePeel provides essential nutrients for your skin. 
  7. All-Year-Round Treatment: Suitable for use throughout the year, regardless of the season. 
  8. Versatile: Effective on the face, neck, décolletage, hands, feet, arms, and other body parts.
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Who is the Perfect Candidate for BioRePeel?

BioRePeel is a versatile treatment suitable for all skin types, colors, and ages. It's ideal for those with acne-prone, congested skin, pigmentation issues, and scarring. Even young skin can benefit from BioRePeel's rejuvenating effects. And the best part? There's little to no downtime, making it perfect for busy schedules and social butterflies!

Before and Aftercare Tips:

To ensure the best results from your BioRePeel experience, follow these simple guidelines:

Pre-Peel Instructions:

  • Avoid exfoliating agents 48 hours before your appointment.
  • Stay away from AHAs, BHAs, retinols, and self-tanning for a week before.
  • Don't wax, remove hair, or bleach it for two weeks before.
  • Protect your skin from UV or sun exposure for 14 days before.

Post-Peel Instructions:

  • Avoid makeup application, if possible, for 24-48 hours after.
  • Stay clear of AHAs, BHAs, and retinols for two weeks following your treatment.
  • No waxing, hair removal, or hair bleaching for two weeks after.
  • Avoid swimming and steam saunas for 14 days post-treatment.
  • Skip sunbeds, tanning, or self-tanning for 14 days afterward.
  • Keep your skin hydrated with a gentle moisturizer.
  • Always wear high broad-spectrum SPF cream to protect your skin from sun damage.
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What to Expect After BioRePeel:

Smaller pores

Tighter, more youthful skin

A brighter complexion with reduced pigmentation

Even-toned, rejuvenated skin

Optimal results often require 3-6 treatments spaced every 2 weeks.


Pregnancy or breastfeeding

Recent use of Accutane or Isotretinoin (within the last 6 months)

Recent facial injections, threads, Botox, or disport (within 2 weeks)

Prolonged sun exposure in the past 2 weeks

For the ultimate BioRePeel experience, we recommend 4-6 visits approximately two weeks apart initially, followed by monthly visits for optimal maintenance. Say hello to the skin you've always dreamed of with BioRePeel!

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