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What is beautifill FAT REDUCTION?

Even though you try to lose weight, you might still be bothered by regions of fat that are keeping you from feeling fully confident in your body. MedSuite at Castle Hills is proud to offer the most advanced methods to effectively eliminate fat from certain body parts. Fat reduction is a body contouring service that takes away fat from the flanks, tummy, buttocks, and thighs to achieve a trimmer figure utilizing the BeautiFill device. This fat removal surgery in Carrollton, TX might be combined to treat multiple body regions. When we see you for your consultation, medical director Dr. Anam Tharoo will assess problematic areas so you can attain your aesthetic goals. We want to help you look and feel amazing.

What Are The Benefits Of beautifill Fat Reduction?

A fat reduction treatment using the cutting-edge BeautiFill platform can transform your look with a number of great benefits, like:

  • Eliminating stubborn fat
  • Tightening skin
  • Treating multiple body areas
  • Slimming and toning the figure
  • Improving body contour and symmetry
  • Accentuating natural curves
  • Providing results that look natural
  • Gentler than traditional liposuction
  • Results can be long-lasting
  • Quicker recovery time
  • Minimal scarring

beautifill fat REDUCTION faq

How is fat reduction with BeautiFill done?
Laser-assisted fat reduction with BeautiFill is a minimally invasive procedure that makes use of laser technology to release and eradicate fat tissue from your figure. It may be performed on the stomach, thighs, arms, flanks, and anywhere unwanted pockets of fat bother you.

Am I a candidate for fat reduction?
In many cases, women and men who are the right candidates for laser fat reduction using BeautiFill are those at or near their perfect weight but have stubborn regions of fat they hope to get rid of. Call for a session with someone on our team to discover if this procedure is right for you.

How long will my BeautiFill fat reduction results last?
Once fat cells are removed from your physique, they are gone forever, but increases in weight may lead your remaining fat cells to increase in size. When you get minimally invasive fat reduction, you will need to maintain a consistent weight.

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Even with proper diet and regular exercise, some areas of stubborn fat refuse to go quietly; however, fat is no match for the cutting-edge BeautiFill laser technology. Using the BeautiFill system, Dr. Tharoo can effectively eliminate the fat in all your problem areas. If you're in the Carrollton, TX area, call us at the MedSuite at Castle Hills today, and let's talk about how we can get rid of that pesky fat for a leaner, slimmer you.

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