What Areas of the body can Laser Liposuction and Fat Transfer Be Used On?

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Laser liposuction and fat transfer using cutting-edge BeautiFill® technology is a two-pronged procedure that breaks down adipose (fatty) tissue and then transfers it to other parts of the body, helping you achieve the enviable curves, contours, and body proportions of your dreams. Board-certified family medicine physician and medical director Dr. Anam Tharoo is excited to help make that dream a reality! Schedule a consultation today to find out how our top-notch team can transform your physique at MedSuite at Castle Hills in Carrollton, TX.

How BeautiFill technology works

The body’s natural fat-burning strategy removes fat systematically. It doesn’t allow for “spot reduction,” or the ability to mobilize fatty stores from a specific area, such as the oft-troublesome and frustrating lower abdominal area. And when traditional fat-burning efforts have stalled, laser-based liposuction and fat transfer offer an easy, effective, and confidence-boosting aesthetic solution.

First, we carefully evaluate your general health and medical history to discover any existing risk factors or health issues that may cause complications. Then, Dr. Tharoo will help you explore your treatment options, detail the procedure and outcomes, and tailor a plan specifically for your present and future well-being.

However, it’s important to note that laser liposuction should not be considered a cure for obesity or an alternative to diet and exercise, which are vital to maintaining good health in Carrollton or Lewisville, TX.

During the procedure

Laser liposuction is a minimally invasive outpatient procedure. Unlike traditional liposuction, it does not require manually breaking up the fat cells. Instead, it utilizes a laser that safely softens and liquefies fat cells using gentle light energy. These fatty tissues are then removed via suction using a cannula, or thin tube.

The fat stores are not entirely removed but don’t worry; this is where the second part of the procedure, fat transfer, comes in. It uses the treated fat to your advantage to restore the natural fullness of your skin. After harvesting live fat cells, we can transfer them where they’re needed most, in areas where weight fluctuations, genetic predispositions, pregnancies, and the natural but inevitable aging process have produced a less-than-pleasing appearance and caused flatness or sagginess.

Which areas of the body can be treated?

Two common areas are the face and buttocks, where fat transfer offers a preferable alternative to fillers or implants for renewed volume and smoother, fuller features. But laser liposuction and fat transfer can improve just about every part of the body. Some commonly targeted regions for transformation include:

  • Face: This can help reduce the appearance of aging by restoring suppleness in the cheeks and around the eyes. It can also help remove fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Lips: A safer, more natural-looking alternative to fillers. The volumizing effect can reduce the appearance of lines and plump up naturally thin lips.

  • Breasts: As with the lips, the breasts are a common site for augmentation. Using your own fat cells is a safer, longer-lasting substitute for implants.

  • Hands: The hands are among the body areas most visibly affected by aging and are always visible. So, you can almost immediately enjoy a more youthful appearance by increasing fullness and smoothness in the hands.

  • Buttocks: A common transfer site, we can enhance overall proportion by lifting and rounding your rear end with BeautiFill technology.

Begin your transformation today for a more confident tomorrow

While the above are popular areas for treatment, our experience, advanced techniques, and state-of-the-art technology allow us to successfully target other body regions, including the arms, legs, flanks, chest, stomach, and back – if you can see it, we can treat it!

If you are in the Carrollton or Lewisville, TX area and want to begin your transformation and reap all the benefits involved, schedule a consultation with Dr. Anam Tharoo at MedSuite at Castle Hills today!

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