What Happens if I Gain Weight After Laser Lipo and Fat Transfer?

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BeautiFill® is a revolutionary new procedure in Carrollton and Lewisville, TX. It involves a fat transfer from one area of the body to another so patients can achieve natural-looking curves. This cosmetic treatment has been sought after by celebrities and models alike for its ability to give people an instant boost to their appearance without invasive surgery.

So, what happens if you gain weight after a body sculpting procedure? It depends. When you visit a board-certified professional, like Dr. Anam Tharoo at MedSuite at Castle Hills, we can review your individualized treatment plan and advise you on the best way to preserve your results.

Why should I choose BeautiFill?

Now you can have all the benefits of liposuction surgery without going under the knife. BeautiFill uses cutting-edge laser energy to extract fat from areas like the upper thighs and belly. Then, the purified tissue is re-administered into the face or body for a youthful look. Patients can enhance smaller areas, like the lips and cheeks, or add volume to the breasts and buttocks.

BeautiFill can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual. For example, if you want to reduce the appearance of wrinkles or add plumpness to your lips, we can customize your treatment plan accordingly. Dr. Tharoo is a highly experienced and qualified provider of BeautiFill in Carrollton and Lewisville and can help you achieve the wonderful look you've always wanted.

What if I gain weight after BeautiFill?

Candidates for laser lipo and fat grafting should be near their ideal weight and don't plan on getting pregnant anytime soon. This gives patients the best chance at keeping their gorgeous curves for as long as possible. MedSuite at Castle Hills recommends staying within 10 – 15 pounds of your pre-treatment weight after BeautiFill. Gaining a significant amount of weight could negate the results of your body sculpting procedure.

Losing weight can also affect your appearance after BeautiFill. You may notice that some of the volume in the treated areas has disappeared, or experience loose or hanging skin in areas where the fat transfer occurred.

However, we understand that life happens, and people sometimes gain or lose weight after a procedure. Dr. Tharoo can discuss your options during a follow-up appointment if this happens. We may adjust your treatment plan or recommend additional strategies to help you maintain your results.

How else can I maintain BeautiFill results?

Healthy lifestyle habits, like diet and exercise, can help you keep your new look for years to come. If you plan on getting pregnant, wait until after your pregnancy before undergoing laser lipo and fat transfer. Doing so could affect the outcome of your procedure and result in unpredictable changes that won't go away with diet or exercise. Dr. Tharoo can provide you with personalized recommendations to maintain your optimal appearance near Carrollton and Lewisville, TX.

Enjoy your new curves!

Laser lipo and fat grafting are becoming more and more popular as people learn about the fantastic results involved. If you're interested in learning more about BeautiFill or would like to schedule a consultation, please contact MedSuite at Castle Hills in Carrollton, TX. Dr. Anam Tharoo can provide a personalized body sculpting procedure that helps you get the curves you've always wanted.

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